vivo v15 Plus Versus The HTC Wildfire

Vivo V15 isn’t your typical smartphone. Its key selling feature is it’s ability to combine a powerful image sensor with Omi senses. With this unique combination, the phone can determine whether you’re touching the screen or not. If you are, the screen will turn red. If you aren’t, the screen will remain blue.

The latest smartphone from Nokia is the Vivo V15. This smartphone from Nokia has been designed to be the most intelligent smartphone available on the market today. It also sports an astounding amount of power, including powerful sensors for capturing clear photos and videos, the ability to listen to music, and the amazing Nokia 8.1 dual camera handset. The smartphone also comes with a very large battery life, giving users up to two hours of battery life. This is quite a large amount, especially considering how fast the phone can go.

In terms of looks, the Nokia 8.1 looks vivo v15 fantastic. The curved design and the textured back cover really make this handset stand out. It also has a nice feature that allows you to take unlimited selfies with the supplied camera and low light mode. The low light mode allows you to snap pictures in low light situations. The result is that you can end up with some amazing low light pictures. The downside to this is that you have to be really quick as the results won’t be shown until you actually click the shot.

One of the most impressive parts of the Vivo V15 for me is the physical keyboard. I think we can call the physical keyboard on this handset as being one of the best on any smartphone. It has a nice, full size keyboard which is easy to use for anyone who has no experience at all with mobile keyboards. The keys are also well spaced out giving a nice feel when you are typing on the device. If you like to use your phone’s keyboard to write notes or make instant replies to emails then the vivo v15 is for you.

When it comes to cameras, the Nokia 8.1 should come short in the range of cameras offered on the market. However, the vivo v15 impresses with its dual camera setup. The first camera comes as an attachment on the side of the handset and the other is placed on the back. These cameras are designed to take both standard and high definition images. With both cameras connected to the phone via micro USB, you can instantly get a quality image in the blink of an eye. If you want to get more creative with the images then you can opt for the Olympus daylight mode which automatically controls the exposure so that you can get the most out of your snaps.

The vivo v15 has a complete line up of accessories including the Nokia Car charger, an earphone jack adapter, battery pack and a leather pouch. At such a small size, it is surprising that the Nokia 8.1 manages to pack in a large number of features into a smartphone. For example, the vivo v15 sports a huge LCD screen which offers you a bright and vivid display. In addition to this, the phone also offers you a host of software features including Google Maps, Yahoo Messenger, MMS, Skype, Tizen, Evernote, My Tracks and many more.